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Headquarter: Pod hribom 55, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
ID for VAT: SI27909093
Registration No.: 2245108
Business Account: 02042-0256090038
Webpage: www.media-nepremicnine.si
E-mail: info@media-nepremicnine.si

Secured liability for damages with SAVA Insurance Company d.d No. 511-0177907 and 511-0177906 with validity from 20.10.2017 to 20.10.2018

PE Kranj
Naslov: Bleiweisova cesta 30, 4000 Kranj

About us

Company MEDIA NEPREMIČNINE d.o.o. was founded in 2006 as a result of the brave decision of the founder of the company, who wanted to offer a different approach and greater added value in the market of real estate translactions, that is based on several experience that she got in the real estate market (more than 20 years).

The company's VISION is to stay and stand. Reagardless of all the storms and shocks that brungs continual changes to the market. In the next 20 years, it will become a leading real estate company offering its services.

Every day the MISSION of our company is provading costumers the queality real estate brokerage services and all types of real estate transactions, with a positive approach and listening to everyone. We want to understand and fulfill your dreams and expectations.

Services provided by us:

  • mediation when buying or selling
  • leasing or renting
  • intervention in exchange
  • making a market evaluation of real estates
  • quick legal/real estate consulting
  • real estate advertising
  • transfer of ownership of the property

... for all types of real estate (houses, apartments, lands, business premises,..)

In cooperation with external collaborators, we strive for:

  • professional legal advice or legal representation in real estate
  • making a valuation of a court-appointed real estate appraiser
  • document management and assistance in credit and real estate insurance
  • contract and implementation of geodetic services
  • Feng shui counseling (space energy)
  • Arhitecture of interier - equipment of real estate
  • real estate adaptage consulting and finding a suitable contractor

If you are buying or renting a property, you are equipping it, want to umprove it in any way or can obtain a loan on its base,..and you want a value-added service with great reliability - then we are the right addresss for you.

Even if you do not find the appropriate product in our database, call us and in the shortest possible time, we will find it for you and help you.

We cooperate with various real estate companies all over Slovenia, as well as with foreign real estate companies across Europe and the world.

We are always and we will act according to the principle of honesty "Fair Play" business and proper cooperation with our costumers and this principle will forever remain the guiding principle of our company.

A good voice goes into the ninth village..and we also work in the ninth village

So do not hesitate - TRUST US!