The real value of a real estate can be determined by a real estate agent on the basis of a view of real estate, verification of documentation, preservation, location and based on supply and demand that are currently on the market.

Experienced brokers are faced with real estate of different values on a daily basis, and they also monitor the real estate market daily, and they will therefore be fairly realistic about the value of your real estate or the real estate you are interested in. In practice, it usually happens that owners over-estimate the value, as it happens that the real value (reached the final market value) is lower or is the one that the buyer is willing to pay.

So if the real estate is interesting for more costomers, they are willing to pay more for it, otherwise they do not.


If you decide for an experienced real estate agent and trust him you will definitely save many concerns that you would meet if you were selling or buying a property yourself. In addition to the fact that the broker has experince in this area, he knows the market, the people and the law (and therefore also has a license), according to the Real Estate Brokerage Act, the company also has a  compensation Liabilitiy and cooperates with a lawyer.

You also, as a client, have a legal security. The real estate agent at all times is monitoring the business so that everything is done as agreed. It also usually takes care of the handover of real estate (payment of the intire purchase price by the buyer and the transfer of the property to the buyer).

An experienced broker is with you from the first contact (viewing the property), checking the actual and legal condition of the property to the point that the contract is concluded and the payment and transfer of the property is made.


If the legal status (land register) of real estate is not yet regulated, trust the agent with all the facts, adventages and disadventages of the property and agree on how the matter will be regulated and the agent will warn the buyer of the situation and possible consequences.

Is is physically good to prepare the property for sele, for example: whitewash, clean up and most of all to personally separate form the property.


The new Construction Act entered into our law on November 17, 2017, and started on June 1, 2018. Together with the new Building Act, they are part of the renovation of legislation in the area of spatial planning and construction, including the Arhitectural and Engineering Act and also the Spatial Planning Act.

The new Construction Act brings innovations regarding the obtain of a building permission, new things in the field of legal safety for investors and in the fueld of supervision and it also defines the legalization of unproblematic illict constructions.


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