Our services

We provide mediation services for sale, purchase, renting, exchange of all types of real estate (rooms, apartments, houses, business premises, land, various facilities).

We offer:

  • Real estate viewing and personal consultation
  • Estimate market values of the property
  • Finding suitable buyers for your property or in the case of purchasing we search a suitable property
  • We are advertising your offer/demand in various media
  • We make a sale or rental agreement in cooperation with a law firm
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation for real estate transactions
  • The preparation of the land register proposal

In cooperation with external collaborators:

  • financial adviced - crediting real estate
  • architectural consulting
  • making a valuation of court sworn valuers
  • real estate consulting
  • complete geodetic engineering
  • production of an energy certificate
  • consulting in the field of interior design
  • consultancy in the field of energy of space - feng shui
  • moving service
  • removal of old furniture (cleaning)
  • renovations and repairs on buildings